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  • Buehler DC Motors
  • Buehler Motor

    Mechatronic drive solutions from Buehler Motor are the best choice to move or position reliably in tight spaces or wherever fluid flows or pressure need to be precisely regulated.

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  • Buehler Gear Motor

    With the low noise, high efficiency and reliability the series is very successful and competitive in building automation and other markets.  Gear Motors

  • Buehler BLDC Water Pump

    This Buehler Motor Water Pump is utilized in various applications as well as other Buehler Motor Water Pumps. Currently, the Chevrolet Volt and some GM hybrid vehicles are utilizing the Buehler Motor Water pumps.

  • Zenun Ind.

    Zenun Industries is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of AC Motors, electric heating elements, controls and systems for domestic and industrial applications.

  • Heaters
  • Fold Back Immersion Heaters

    This popular Immersion Heater is utilized in numerous vending machine applications worldwide.

  • 3-Phase Immersion Heaters

    Three Phase Immersion Heaters available in many kilowatts are utilized to heat various media in many different industrial applications.

  • DC Motors
  • Thermon
  • Zoppas Industries



A wide variety of AC Motors including: fractional, vertical hallow shaft, explosion proof, NEMA premium, and more.


Intelliworks HT offers customization with varied mounting, gears, drives, wire harnesses and more.


Industrial heaters including: Strip, Immersion, Tubular, Cartridge, Silicone, Band and more.


The mission of Intelliworks HT is to search out, offer for sale, and provide full service support for unique, technologically advanced industrial products and systems that solve customer problems, reduce customer costs and improve quality of customers' products and processes.


Intelliworks HT is a full service Manufacturing agent, "Value Add" Distributor and Contract Manufacturer providing localized sales, engineering, manufacturing and distribution services for the markets of: precision heat control, commercial refrigeration; medical; automotive; steel; agriculture; food and beverage; chemical and petrochemicals; consulting engineers; printing; manufacturing; mining; powder and bulk; muicipalities; oil refining; pharmaceuticals; pulp and paper; thermal power plants; water and waste treatment; and related original equipment manufacturers.

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April 2023 - Intelliworks HT has partnered with Zoppas Industries as Exclusive Sales Agent and Master Distributor together providing cost efficient solutions at the highest quality for the Global Markets. This will enhance our product and service offerings and extend our competive advantage.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies is a global manufacture of heating elements and systems for domestic and industrial use since 1963.

April 2022 - Intelliworks HT has expanded it's Precision Heat & Controls product and service offerings by partnering with Thermon Heating Systems as Exclusive Sales Agent and Master Distributor together providing innovative solutions for the industrial heating applications. This partnership will further diversify and strengthen our position within the "Precision Heat and Control" markets.

February 2020 - Zenun Industries has expanded it's manufacturing capabilities with an investment in new state of the art wire processing equipment, methods and processes for optimized speed and quality.  Zenun Industries manufacturers custom Control Panels, Wire Harnesses and other Value-Added Assemblies used in key industrial markets thoughout the world. All manufacturing is performed in accordance with cULus 508A and Process Wire certifications requirements.

January 2019 - Intelliworks HT, LLC is proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth in sales, customer service, manufacturing and distribution, we expanded our operations to a new state of the art facility, offering more space, enhanced security and easier accessability. This will further improve our total quality of service to our customers and suppliers well into the future.

June 2014 - Intelliworks HT, LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of Midwest Motors & Gears, Inc. Bringing more than 50 years of experience with DC motor solutions, this blending of resources and capabilities will prove to be beneficial to Intelliworks HT, Buehler Motor Inc., and most importantly, our customers. David Nunez and Rod Pedersen met in downtown Chicago to finalize the “Deal”, which has actually been in the works for a few years.

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